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This week one of our repeat customers brought his FP600R equipped 2012 Black Edition GT-R back to us for some modifications to the suspension and braking portions of his car. With the upcoming track season approaching us here in the south he wanted to make sure his car had the necessary components to handle the aggressive corning and braking he'll be encountering at Road Atlanta and our other regional tracks. After a short conversation with the owner it was clear the best choice for his car was the Forged Performance Entry Level Track Package. This proven and cost effective combination reduces body roll, improves handling and increases stability all while maintaining OEM ride quality with help from the adjustable FP Sway Bar Kit and solid end links. The OEM sway bars, particularly the rear are down right tiny.

Adding the FP brake lines, pads and fluid results in an increase of stopping power while significantly reducing brake fade. The initial bite on the XP10 is tremendous and well suited for a fun track day car that still sees street duty. This package is a must have for any GT-R enthusiasts that is looking to take their tracking experience to the next level while keeping stock-like street manners. No increase in noise, harshness or vibrations which which is always a good thing.

Our Entry Level GT-R Track Package Consists Of:

• Forged Performance Motorsports Grade Front and Rear adjustable Swaybars with teflon-lined solid spherical endlinks
• Forged Performance DOT Stainless Brake Line Kit
• Carbotech XP10 Brake Pads
• Motul RBF600 Brake Fluid

For more information of the Forged Performance Entry Level Track Package see our ONLINE STORE

One photo from the cars last visit here, this basically brand new 2012 Black Edition is just stunning.
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