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This past Saturday, the Forged Performance Motorsports Team made our way back to our home track, Road Atlanta. After a couple months away for the off season, it felt like an eternity since we last participated in any performance driving activities and we were going a little stir crazy! I personally had received an awesome Christmas present from Sharif, a brand new Nikon 70-200 f2.8 VRII camera lens that was just begging to be put to use trackside. I was extremely excited to be out there gripping my Nikon D700 and watching high performance cars from many different manufactures blast by me!

This weekends event was held by the PBOC Motorsports Club which is group dedicated to racing and drivers education and is open to Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Ferrari's, Legends and more. We brought our Forged Performance sponsored 2010 GT-R and a FP prepared 2012 Nissan GT-R's out to do some additional track testing in preparation for the One Lap of America event in May. Both GT-R's are currently here at Forged being prepped for this event and as many of you know, Sharif will be co-driving the 2010 GT-R with Catesby Jones this year. This made it easy for both owners, who live in Florida, to jump on a flight to Atlanta and catch a ride with us to the track. Remarkably, these two cars still feature stock turbo set-ups with power, suspension, and brake modifications. The white GT-R also has some assistance in the downforce department thanks to some goodies from Aeromotions via their S2 Active Rear Wing and Front Splitter.

After a quick warm up session, it was clear that the owners of the GT-R's were going to make these Porsche, Z06, and Viper guys really work to keep Godzilla in their rearview mirrors. While there was plenty of fully race prepped exotics and large displacement American supercars, the GT-R's were getting point by's from 99% of the cars on track and being driven to the absolute limit, while remaining safely on track the whole day. While I did witness a few incidents involving cars, walls, and tire-stacks, everybody was able to go home in good health, even if their ego's and vehicles were a little bruised. Spending our Saturday at Road Atlanta for the PBOC Event proved to be a very productive day. We made some minor suspension adjustments through out the day which resulted in a more stable set-up and enabled more in-car confidence from the drivers and after some minor changes to tire pressures and shock settings both drivers were very pleased. Stay tuned for future updates on both cars as they continue their preparation for the OLOA Series!

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