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Q: What are the forum rules and guidelines?

A: I'll break it down into major categories. This thread will be updated as time goes on.

General Posting

-Always read the forum description before posting new threads in a forum. Also read stickied threads regarding rules and such in that particular forum.

-When posting a new thread, be sure that you're posting it in the best subforum for the topic at hand. This helps us stay organized.

-Be respectful to others.

-Discussion of religion and politics is strictly prohibited. While I personally enjoy a good chat about either, this forum is not the place for it.

-We understand there may be some times where you street race, and you'll want to share your tales about it here, but don't. Discussion and/or videos of street racing, excessive speeding, reckless or negligent driving, etc. are not welcome here. Videos created w/ the intention of diagnosing symptoms are perfectly fine, but please do so in a safe manner. No weaving through traffic, excessive speeding on busy streets, etc.

-Since we are an English-speaking forum, the contents of your posts should be written in English.

-No trolling. Habitually making posts that will start arguments, annoy/offend people, or generally waste everyone's time are not welcome here.

-All issues with members should be taken up via Private Messages. Feel free to ask a moderator for help in resolving an issue with another member in this fashion.

-You are responsible for your account. Anything posted under your account is yours. Do not share your account, password, or other login information with others. When using a shared computer, make sure you log out when you are done on the site.

-No "post whoring". Post whoring is when a user's posts are void of any worthwhile content serving only to inflate his or her post count.

NSFW (Not Safe For Work) & NWS (Not Work Safe) Content

-Any content that contains nudity or substantial profanities and/or violence should be posted in the NSFW subforum. Basically, if it's NC-17 content, or something that you wouldn't want your boss finding out that you saw at work, post it in the NSFW subforum as a courtesy to others.

Verified Members

Verified members are members who have legitimately reached 50 posts here on the forum. "post whoring" is not legitimate posting. Once you have reached 50 posts here on the forum, you are gain access to the Marketplace.


-Our staff and our members do not appreciate spam in any form. Be it in the form of a new thread, a post, or a private message. If you are caught spamming on this forum, there will be consequences.

-Using the PM system to solicit Non-Approved Merchant sales, promotion of a group or business, or to circumvent any of the forum's rules or policies is strictly prohibited.

Avatars & Signature Images

-No nudity, profanity, sexual innuendo, graphic violence, or generally offensive material is allowed. Basically, keep it PG-13. Staff reserves the right veto any Avatar or Signature..

-Advertisements for non-approved merchants is prohibited. Our approved merchant list is here.

-Signatures should not be too large and must be easily read by everyone. Long paragraphs, excessive font sizes, massive lists, and obnoxious fonts/colors are discouraged and the staff may request you shorten it. If you wish to document your entire build, create a thread and link to the first post.

-Any rules that apply anywhere else on the forum apply to your signature as well.

Discussion of Evo Products & Merchants

-We don't allow people to post links or give contact info out to automotive related businesses that aren't approved merchants here. However, please feel free to post pictures and information about the product and discuss it. We want to keep the flow of information free here!

We do this to protect our members from being ripped off, and also because it would be free advertising which is not fair to our supporting merchants.

-Within an Approved Merchant's thread, it's frowned upon to plug competing products within that thread. Please refrain from this out of respect for the merchants.

-For one-time events (such as a track day, car show, dyno day, etc), the staff may vote to allow a company's contact details to be posted until the event has passed. In return for this, we ask that the organizers of the event give our members that attend the event a benefit in return, be it extra track time, a discount, etc.

-Any transaction performed using, through, or facilitated by or the features and functionality of the software it runs is prohibited unless it follows For Sale rules and guidelines or established Merchant guidelines. Blatant and/or repeated violations of this rule may result in temporary or permanent ban from This rule is enforced by the team of moderators and any transactions in the "grey" area will be evaluated by the team as a whole and acted upon as they see fit, which may result in a revision of the rules and retroactive enforcement of the revised rule to suit the needs of the forums and protect the consumers and members of the forum.

Member Conduct & Expectations

Zero Tolerance Policy

The staff here at has come to the realization the majority of the members of this community enjoy being here and contribute openly in a mature manner. Unfortunately, we have the occasional member who refuses to follow the forum rules and guidelines. We have adopted a new "Zero Tolerance" policy in regards to how people conduct themselves here on the forums.

Member Bashing

Members are expected to treat each other with dignity and respect. We do not tolerate blatant bashing to anyone here on the forum. If you are caught in violation of this rule the staff members reserve the right to handle it as they see fit.

Member bashing may include but is not limited to:

  • Degrading a member
  • Name calling a member
  • Posting inflammatory remarks about a fellow member
User Infractions

A pre-defined set of infractions can be issued to you by a moderator for disobeying the EvoXForums rules of the site. Please note: Most points will expire over time, depending on the infraction given. For some minor or first-time offenses, the moderator may issue you a warning instead. Some points given for more serious infractions never expire. If you continue to be in violation of forum rules, you will be infracted for your offenses. Infractions may accumulate and result in a temporary ban from the site. More serious infractions may result in an immediate ban (temporary or permanent) from the site at the staff's discretion.

The last resort for repeated offenders is a permanent ban from the community. We do not like to do this, but have come to realization that it is the only way to keep the community on track and open to mature adults.
1-point infractions:

• Thread de-railing
• Avatar and/or Signature Rule Violation - Any rules that apply anywhere else on the forum apply to your signature as well.
• Language
• Not following sales rules
• Posting contact info to non-approved merchant(s)
• Rudeness

2-point infractions:

• Harassment
• Post Whoring to become a Verified Member

Significant Forum Violations, non-expiring points or banning:

• Posting inappropriate content
• Blatant disregard of forum rules & policies
• Having multiple screen names is strictly forbidden unless specified otherwise
• Links to unauthorized vendors
• Insulting Other Member(s)
• Instigating drama
• Spammed Advertisements
Marketplace Rules & Guidelines

General Marketplace Rules

-Low-balling in the Marketplace is not allowed. This includes comments on price, where to get it cheaper, you selling the same item for less, or any inflammatory remarks.

-Group buys by Non-Approved Vendors are not allowed.

-No bashing vendors, shops, or other websites without just cause. If you have a complaint, please see our Merchant Dispute policy.

Non Merchant Sales Rules

See here:

Vendor Bashing

Vendor bashing is not authorized here on EvoXForums. Vendor bashing may include but is not limited to:

  • Degrading a vendor
  • Name calling of a vendor
  • Posting inflammatory remarks against a vendor
  • Blatantly disrespecting a vendor, their shop, or their employees
This rule is in effect, just like it is in regards to other members of this forum. We do not allow people to disrespect our members, so we will not tolerate it with our vendors either. The moderating staff reserves the right to handle these issues as they see fit. We have a "zero tolerance" stance when it comes to degrading our members, and or the vendors of this community.

If you do however have a negative experience with a vendor or a dispute with a vendor, please refer to our Merchant Dispute Policy on how to handle your issue.
I'll be adding more as time goes on, so be sure to come back and check this thread from time to time.
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