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Friday, February 17th car "meet and greet" in Rockville md

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Starting Friday, February 17th, there will be a bi-weekly car meet up in rockville. It will take place every other Friday and usually people start showing up around 9 pm.. It's in the parking lot shared by trader joes, micro center, and ruby Tuesday's on Rockville pike.. The address is 12268 Rockville pike, Rockville md, 20852. I go sometimes because i live close by and I know last year there were a couple fellow x's there aswell as 8 and 9's..
Here's the link to the Facebook group!/event...m_notif&notif_t=event_invite&__user=684001770
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rockville is a little way from me but in April I will probably come to one a month
I some times go to these as well as the "classified" weekly meets. I may pass through, but I rarely see other evos let alone X's.
I went once last year and their was about 6 Xs including mine. It was ultra cold tho
^ did u go to the last one? I did leave a bit earlier than everyone else, I might have just missed you.
fuck this meet then... no reason if there arent any Xs
mmmmm this well bring interest to my soul in weeks to come.
I believe their is a meet tonight at 9pm at the same place.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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