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After nearly 2 years of owning the car it's time to say goodbye. I love the car but I just don't have the time and money to mod it like I planned to. All I am using it for is driving back and forth to work. It's too nice of a car to use as a daily driver.



GSR (base, no SSS or anything)
Graphite Gray
42,300 miles
Cobb AP running stage 1 map (AP included with purchase of car)
Never been modded other than AP
Continental Extreme DWS all season tires with ~25,000 miles on them
Tinted windows
I wired an audio cable into the stereo so that an iPod/iPhone/whatever can be plugged in and play music through the stereo.

The car runs great, never had a single issue with it. The only real flaw is a scratch on the front bumper, which I've included a picture of. Also one wheel has a scuff on the edge from a curb.

I've done regular oil changes at 3,000 miles using MobileOne 5W-30 synthetic.

I live in north of Dayton Ohio and work in Beavercreek. I can show the car at either place.

Anyone looking for a non-abused Evo ready to be modded this is your car. It's never been street raced, never been taken to the dragstrip, and never been taken to the track.

Not willing to ship the car, must be picked up.


Front bumper scratch:
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