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FS: AMS, Cobb, ZFR and stock parts galore

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All Prices are OBO and shipped in the states, will do shipping to AK, HI and international at buyers expense

Other items I have that I did not take pictures are Stock Catback, GSR Springs and shocks, Stock UICP, Stock Turbo Outlet. I can take pics upon request they are just boxed away in the attic.

Local Pickup available in SFL

Stock engine cover $50 shipped

Stock Intercooler $200 shipped

Stock Intake (complete assembly and BOV return hose SOLD) $175 Shipped

Stock BOV $75 Shipped

ZFR Front endlinks $100 Shipped

ZFR turbo Outlet $95 Shipped

ZFR BOV hose $120 shipped

ZFR Rad hose stainless kit $120 Shipped

ZFR Short Shifter $100 Shipped

ZFR LICP $175 Shipped

ZFR UICP $100 Shipped

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Replied to your pm. Let me know
how much just for the bungs?
$300 shipped.

Not going to sell the bungs separately from an intake, just contact ams for replacement ones.
Updated the price on the stock BOV didn't know I was so over priced on that item.
Lot of people have been asking about the AP, it has all of the cables and the original box. I do not have the CD, you can download the updated software from Cobb for free since the CD has outdated software.
Zfr web site???
Not that I know of, they are on ebay though.

Hi, I have interest in the following parts:
- Stock engine cover
- Stock Intake
- Stock BOV

The shippment will be to Brazil. Can you give me a rate by USPS?!

Shipping via USPS Priority Mail is $105
Replied to your message.

Still have it.

Sent you a pm
Replied, currently everything posted is available
Sold the OEM BOV hose, only have the ZFR BOV hose
How is the quality of the ZFR stuff? I am not familiar with them.
Great quality, comparable to other products I have seen.
1 - 20 of 41 Posts
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