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Fs: Ams hfc

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What up guys,

Going to sell my AMS HFC (300 cell) in a couple weeks after I swap out for a AMS TP. I wanted to offer it at a discounted rate to you guys first before putting it in the FS section. I'll post it up after I get it out of the car an cleaned up so you got a couple weeks to think about it.

Going to post for $220 but will do $180 for any of you guys.

This was bought/installed by Kaizen on 12/31/10. Right now it has 15,9XX miles an half a winter. For those of you who don't know, I drive like a old man 80% of the time so the cat really hasn't seem much action (giggity?). I actually goofed when ordering and asked for a extra bung not knowing there already was one, so this HFC has 3 :p
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We can vouch for this part. Sheff is a slow driver, who owns a slow car :p
This seller is crap!

Just kidding. Sheff takes very good care of his car, I wish I had the same level of dedication and diligence!

GLWS and free bump for a great gay.
Might need to borrow the HFC for a day >:[
You should try out the resonated test pipe, how sweet that was =(
Yah? you notice much of a difference? Think I'll notice the loudness of the TP over the HFC? I have a UR dual tip.
thanks bud, just posted a fs thread in the FS section with pics. Of cats!
Busy as fuck. Two weeks after the October snow storm, business took off for me and hasn't slowed. I joked about being lazy working 2, 11 hours days in a row. I've been working 12 plus hour days. The commission checks are looking good.
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