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AMS High Flow Cat, 300 cell IIRC, was bought/installed from/by Kaizen Tuning on 12/13/10. Unit currently has 16,392 miles on it and yes that is exact. I keep detailed records of everything that goes in, comes out, or is done to the car. :shades:

This particular HFC has 3 bungs due to me not realizing the extra O2 bung was already there when ordering. :innocent:

In perfect working order and uninstalled by Kaizen on 2/10/12. The image of the cell just has too much light in one area, there is not chunk missing or anything. Sorry iphone pics.

I might be able to toss in a set of gaskets. The new ones I just put on aren't thick enough to meet up with my shitty UR DP (AMS soon :p ) so I have new ones coming. If the ones I just put on are still good I'll toss them in for free.


I switched to a AMS TP :D


Sells new for 370, will let go for 200+ Shipping. If you're serious about buying I'll go get shipping priced first so please do not waste my time.


FYI the other 2 cats are not that high flow :p

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