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FS: Blitz camshafts

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Deciding to go in a different direction, never installed these. Bought them from LVS, have about 2800 miles on them, basically brand new. Blitz cams, get your JDM here! :shades:

Retails for around $800, I'm asking for $525 shipped or name your offer.

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IN 260deg/10mm - EX 260deg/10mm
Bump I know someone needs cams.
Isnt that the same lift/durtion as stock....?
Isnt that the same lift/durtion as stock....?
Do not believe that is correct.
3 hours left, get your bids in! It's only at $125!

Also check out my other items, there's a stock EVO X intercooler
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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