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Hi All,

I'm selling this brand new unused VBG1 BOOST/ WB AFR gauge from .I was going to run it, but ended up moving to the Race Capture pro-2 system and no longer have a need for this.

All items are brand new in the box and have NEVER been installed. I'm asking $180 shipped OBO in the states. Brand new from GaugeTek they are $258. I can also ship same day as long as I receive payment before 8pm.

The boost gauge features are:

+ Boost and Vacuum gauge - 48 PSI max
+ Dual OLED screens provide Digital information one of a kind boost profile plots
+ 5X Peak boost memory
+ Auto Dimming feature using built in ambient light detector
+ A single auxiliary sensor input can be utilized (sold separately)
- Compatible with LC-1 AFR analog output
- Temperature Probe (alarms configurable)
- Oil/Fuel pressure (alarms configurable)
+ Volt meter built in
-High and low alarms configurable
+ Led bar graph specifications:
-Full mode 0 - 24 PSI (1X mode) 0 - 48 PSI (2X mode)
-Pivot mode 0 - 16 PSI (1X mode) 0 - 32 PSI (2X mode)
Vacuum display options:
-Full mode 0 - 24 in. Hg (2 in. Hg per LED)
-Pivot mode 0-25 in Hg (3 in. Hg per LED)

To see the boost gauge in action (not on my car) take a look here:

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