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I have for sale (first picture) my DDM tuning HID kit. It is 55 watts and bulb color is 4500k. This kit also comes with an Anti Flicker harness, as you can see in the first picture. This is to prevent flickering due to the design of the Lancer and Lancer EVO non-HID headlamp system.

Also included (2nd picture), I have TWO BRAND NEW 35 watt DDM Tuning ballasts and ONE BRAND NEW 4500k color bulb. It only comes with one bulb because I can't find the other one :( ....but I will include these altogether for you to use as back ups, or if you find the 55 watt ballast too over powering (IMO they are not)....

IMO 4500k bulb color is the best compromise between looks and functionality. Its the closest to natural sunlight and really gives off nice white light during night time driving. Even with the 55 watt ballasts, it isn't overpowering enough to get flipped off by other motorists or get hassled by the cops. I'll agree, 4500k pure white isn't the coolest looking color there is. 6000k and 8000k sure looks "cool" but it does sacrifice some functionality as it doesn't light up the road as much as the 4500k

$60 shipped anywhere in the conti USA.
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