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What's going on guys? Looking to sell my Graphite Gray Trunk w/ Keyhole and SSS Wing together. I'm not really looking to parting it out unless I have a buyer for the other item. I'm also not looking to ship either. Just because its gonna require a big box and a lot of cash to ship out. Its in pretty good condition, except that it has a small section with little scratches on the middle of the trunk was there when I purchased the car. The car was always garaged stored, never taking out during the snow and rarely out when it rained. Its almost 30k miles old. It has been waxed/buffed twice a year and spray waxed every other car wash. I'm sure anyone that knows me can vouch for me and knows I baby the hell out of my car.

I'm looking for $750 for the package, but I'm willing to negotiate. The worse I can say is no. I'm also willing to trade + cash on my end for an AUTHENTIC Do-Luck Trunk (FRP preferably) color is not a factor. CF maybe... I will be painting it anyways.

Thanks for looking!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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