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FS/FT: (NJ) RallyArmor Mudflaps, High Flow Cat, Rexpeed Duckbill Lip

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Hey guys just selling some stuff I don't need anymore.

First up is a set of red RallyArmor mudflaps. They have about 10-15k miles on them. Still in good condition. I drilled an extra hole to make them fit on a Ralliart, so they will now work for both Ralliarts and Evo Xs.

$100 + shipping & PayPal fees SOLD SOLD SOLD

Next up is a Depo 200 cell High Flow Cat. Awesome condition, only about 10k miles on it. Still shiny. Very good piece for those of you who still want to pass emissions.

$140 + shipping & PayPal fees SOLD SOLD SOLD

Lastly is a Rexpeed Duckbill trunk lip. It needs to be repainted and has a stress crack underneath its surface. Definitely an easy fix. I tried to get a picture of the crack; it starts at around the middle of the lip and is roughly 12 inches long. Only about 5k miles on this.

$100 + shipping SOLD SOLD SOLD

As for the trades I'm interested in: OEM X turbo with <15k miles (NO shaft play), AMS/ETS recirc downpipe, ETS intake (for Evo X), FIC 1100cc injectors (or similar), DW65 fuel pump (or similar), spark plug cover, aftermarket intercooler. Let me know what you got.
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Any pics of the duckbill on the car?
I want but maybe not enough funds
Literally want these. So please pm me the lowest your willing to go with them shipped to 92374. Including all fees I need to worry about. Like pay pal. And all that. I don't want to low ball you and waste your time so if you want to pm me I will take em off your hands. Thanks
1 - 3 of 25 Posts
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