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FS Full Invidia exhaust and Forge BOV

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Full Invidia Cat back plus down pipe/test pipe one piece $350 PICK UP ONLY, shipping would be too expensive

Also Have a Forge BOV for $100, could ship for $10 more



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Replied :thumbup:
Still cooking with fire, parts still here, also have a stock turbo if anyone is interested, was thinking of putting in on my bike hahaha, or in my outlander :O
I'll pay the shipping on the TBE if your interested?
really? probably cost like a 100 bucks
the forge doesn't have dif springs that I know of because it has a crank on top to tighten it up to 35psi, and it works because I had an fp red

300 for cbe
If you can get me a quote on the tbe let me know, I don't mind shipping
shipped to San Fran, CA? I'm waiting for new plastics for my gsxr to come in, hopefully boxes are big enough I'll bring the exhaust down to UPS and check.
sorry guys, this was sold months ago
1 - 10 of 18 Posts
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