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DESCRIPTION: Evo X coilover suspension for street/track
  • Front springs 10K, Rear springs 8K
  • Ride-height adjustable, get as low as you want! :D
  • Includes extended adjusters for rears
  • Front shocks camber adjustable
Full prodect details here:

CONDITION: Good, used for 12K daily driving miles with 4 autocross events. No mechanical issues or rebuilding needed. Coilovers are boxed up and ready to be installed. These are much firmer than the OEM setup without being over-the-top racecar stiff. Selling because I am planning to sell the car.

LOCAL: $975 (Cash only, SoCal - Burbank, CA)
SHIPPED: $1100 (Ground shipping, Paypal)



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Don't suppose you would trade for stock X BBS rims? I know your selling your car, but thought I would ask.
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