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FS: Multiple Items

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Below items are for sale. Paypal or local pickup only.

Cobb Intake (no filter) - Don't have a filter for it. I didn't install the support bracket at first and the intake rubbed against something. Had to throw the filter away as it almost had a hole in it. Inlcuded is all the hardware and the cobb filter cleaning kit. You'd just need to buy a new cobb filter for $50 from them. $50 shipped!

NGK Laser Iridium ILKR7E6 spark plugs (for a ralliart). Accidentally bought these trying to get my X new plugs. Checked gap when I got them, all at about 0.22. - $40 Shipped

Rexpeed LHD Double Gaugepod + stock A-Pillar (cut) - The Rexpeed gauge pod is an overlay to the stock a-pillar. You need to use some sort of adhesive to mate the two together. I cut holes in my stock A-Pillar to be able to fit the harnesses for my gauges through. They're smallish so you might need to enlarge them depending on your gauges. I also broke the stock white clip so you'll have to reuse your own. $100 Shipped for both items.

Slightly used Pitbull (joke)- His name is Ace. He's just about 8 months old. He likes to eat, sleep, poop, pee, fart in his sleep, crop dust us when we least expect it, and cause general mayhem when you're not looking. Has a little bit of paint damage due to his love of playing with the cats. When he's not chewing your shoes he's busy trying to get cuddles. Very affectionate. Loves to give sloppy kisses.

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1 - 1 of 33 Posts
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