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Fs - pwjdm, + misc

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Sup guys, cleaning out some stuff.

Coolant res - 30 shipped SOLD

OEM engine cover make me an offer

PWJDM engine cover 150 obo SOLD

PWJDM spark plug cover 75 obo SOLD

PM ME with any questions!

Thanks for lookin!!
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coolant res.
Does that just replace the stock plastic one?

(link didn't work :innocent:) Thanks :)
link is fixed
yes it will replace that oem plastic one.
Dibs on Coolant Res if it replaces stock
coolant res SOLD, thanks WRAITH
TTT need this stuff gone, make me offers guys! prices ARE NOT FIRM! we can work something out!
20$ for all!
WRAITH - shipping this today! thanks for doing business!
best deal on the two PWJDM pieces shipped and paypaled to 60191
Hey Steve, do you have the valve cover from the extra block? Is it metal or plastic?

Love you baby.
@randall let me look. ill call you.
Steve-- what you shipping it? UPS? USPS? FEDEX? DHL?

Chuck Testa?
Why'd you ditch the Res?
1 - 20 of 27 Posts
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