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I have For Sale a set of 4 Evo X RalliArmor Mudflaps in Black with the White writing. They were on the car for about 8K miles and are used but in fare condition. All of the screws and washers that you see in the pictures will be included. Those are all the screws and washers i used to install the mudflaps and they will come with it except for 1 washer because i have no idea where i lost it lol. So it will come with 12 screws and 11 washers because i dont know where that last washer is but its just a silly plastic washer, any washer the same shape will work just fine.

I just washed them to get the nice black color back but again, they are used and they are mudflaps and i am only asking $70 shipped + a free $15 value 2" by 15' brand new heat wrap for headers/exhaust with installation instructions.

Most of the parts that show when the mudflaps are installed look pretty good, the parts that dont show are the parts that look a little weird in the pictures. But again, they are used and they still serve their purpose as "mudflaps" LOL :innocent:

$70 Shipped + will come with a FREE Brand New Heat Wrap for Header/Exhaust ($15 value -

PM me if interested



1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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