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FS: HKS Filter / Stock Exhaust Parts - Loc. Milwaukee, WI

Location: Milwaukee, WI 53202

Had to sell the car recently and I have a lot of left over stock and other parts that are all in great condition. The prices listed below are for the item only and will not include PayPal fees or shipping (If you send PayPal personal no one will get charged a fee) For the exhaust parts, they will be pick up only. For anything you see on the list I tried to make it as fair as possible but please make me an offer and we can negotiate from there. Please see detailed list below. If you have any questions or need more details please let me know.

Quick List:

• HKS Drop in Filter - $20
• 2 x Stock Mid Pipes – Make me an Offer
• 1 x Stock Muffler – Make me an Offer

Detailed List:

HKS Drop In Panel Filter (750 Miles) - $20

2 x Stock Mid Pipes – Make me an offer –Pickup Only

1 x Stock Muffler - Make me an offer–Pickup Only
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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