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FS: Tokyo Marui M92F Chrome Gas BB/Airsoft Gun

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I'd like to preface or reiterate this is for a BB/Airsoft gas powerd gun not a real one!!!

Up for sale is my Tokyo Marui ALL chrome gas blow back Beretta M92 model bb gun. This is one of the rarer more realistic guns they made (theres an all black model and a half chrome half black model) and is modeled after the military issued Berreta. The civilian equivalent would the the 92FS INOX.

Highly accurate, tactical master grip, gun has been cleaned and is in perfect condition, runs on "green gas". Anyways, these are relatively had to find and run anywhere from $180 to $200. Im selling for $50 or best offer. will come with the gun (in the box), instructions, appoximately 4500 .20g BBs, paper target, and a spring loaded tri-target. let me know if you have any specific questions or if you want more pics. thanks for looking!


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bump. no one is into bb guns/airsoft? must be paintball fans huh :neener:
I love Airsoft,I play here and in the Philippines(ASG/SAAT) but don't need a hand gun.Looking for a CA Compact SEAL though since CQB is getting more popular here in the East Coast.GLWS though!
thanks! is that the SoCom gun everyone loves so much?
TTT, make an offer!
bump. price dropped to half off or best offer SHIPPED.
SOLD. mods please close. thanks!
1 - 6 of 10 Posts
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