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Fuel cut in 4th!?

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Just wondering if this is an OE programming kinda thing, now that the weather has turned chilly, I've noticed on a few pulls that somewhere around the top of 4th, usually around 6500rpm, the car will suddently jerk a bit and basically feel like it's hitting a fuel cut of sorts. I glaced at the WBO2 during the event and sure enough it shot dead lean when it happend. Checked the FPR hose, everything is fine there, never happens in gears 1-3, only at the top of 4th. Am I right in assuming this is some kind of pre-programmed protection or is something going goofy on me?
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how much gas did u have in your tank. This exact same thing happend me at the track and i was low on gas....fuel starvation.
Yea the same spot for me. Get on the back stretch, hit 4th gear 6500rpm and hits fuel cut. I backfired a few times and the guy in the evo behind me seen a couple fire balls out
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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