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We can think of a lot of places where we'd love to drive the Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera. On ice and in the snow would not be one of those places. But that's precisely the point of the Lamborghini Winter Academy. The inaugural event took place a couple of weeks ago in Italy's Auronzo di Cadore ski resort, where a dozen participants shared time behind the wheel of six Lamborghinis. The wintry driving conditions bring the limits of adhesion closer, so instructors could help their pupils improve their driving skills.
If this sounds like your idea of a winter wonderland, don't worry about having missed the first round: Lamborghini will be holding another session next month at the Livigno's "Ice Autodrom" in the Italian Alps. And while dates have yet to be set, the Lamborghini Academy is preparing a similar program for North America. Check out for more information.
UPDATE: Motor Trend reports that Lamborghini has already held its Winter Driving Academy in the U.S. at least once. Last March the one-day course costing $2,500 a pop was held over the course of a week during March in snowy New Hampshire.

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