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Garrett Drop in turbo Blouch 62mm billet

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[/IMG]I have a Blouch 62mm Billet drop in turbo that has less than 100 miles on it. Itis a Garrett GT3076R evo x drop in meaning it mates up to the stock or any aftermarket o2 housing.

I had Blouch turbo port it and put their 62mm billet wheel on it. Put about 100 miles on it maybe. Then came into some money so built my motor. Now I'm going with a full T3 turbo kit.

$1350. Shipped just to get rid of it.

I haven't sold anything here although I sold several things on when I had my evo 8 & 9 my screen name there is Jamevo8


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Maybe I can't see it on my screen, but don't forget to post a picture of it with your screen name in the picture. I wish I could get this now...
You need a picture of the item with a sign that has your name on it in the picture with the item or this thread will be closed.
Ok I figured the pic out after 4 hours! Lol Now I need to figure how to get my name in there.
This pic shows the ATP 3" inlet I will include as well as the 2.5" Garrett inlet that came with it.

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Ok there I figured out how to upload pics finally!

Pm me of interested. I can get it off the car and shipped withing 24 hours of paypal payment.
so the compressor wheel is 2mm bigger than a standard 3076?

how did this spool and what hp did you make?
It's a Blouch 600 which is their version of FP's billet HTA3582R...It has a 62mm billet compressor wheel and a 68mm turbIne wheel.

I made 496awhp and 388awt at AMS on tgei dyno jet at 25 psi on Shell 93 octane with ID1000 injectors and a single Walboro 255
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