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Click above to view more high-res images of the Fiat 500 Aria Concept

At the upcoming Geneva auto show, Fiat will take the 500 minicar in two directions: red and green. The red we already know about: that's the 500 Abarth with a 135-hp 1.4-liter turbo four and beefed-up bodywork. But Fiat will also be showcasing the 500 Aria concept, a rolling demonstration of the green technologies that the company is developing.
The concept draws on the theme laid out by the previous Fiat Panda Aria concept, which the company showed in Frankfurt. The 500 Aria, however, uses Fiat's 1.3-liter 16v Multijet diesel, a particulate filter and robotic Dualogic gearbox with start-stop technology that reduces fuel economy by 10% in the city and cuts carbon emissions down to 98g/km. The 500 Aria also employs recycled materials for the interior, low-power auxiliary systems, reduced-weight components and low-drag Pirelli tires. All in all, it looks like any other 500 to the naked eye, differentiated only by a unique white-on-white paint job that looks something like what we'd imagine tree branches look like in heaven.

Gallery: Fiat 500 Aria concept

[Source: Fiat]
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