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Pininfarina's going to milk this for all it's worth. Rather than release all the details all at once on the Sintesi concept they'll will be showcasing in Geneva next month, the carrozeria has opted instead to give us a little bit more every week until its unveiling.
With four weeks to go, this week Pininfarina is highlighting the innovative layout of the Sintesi's powertrain. The fuel cells for the electric-hydrogen hybrid, rumored to be worth 700 horsepower all told, are being distributed all around the body. The unique approach to weight distribution takes advantage of the different properties of an electric/fuel-cell powertrain, which doesn't necessarily need to be housed all together in a dedicated engine bay like a conventional internal-combustion engine. Seems rather clever, if you don't mind the idea of little hydrogen reactors spread all around you like a blanket.
Check out the sketches and diagrams in the gallery below, or follow the link to the Sintesi webzine.
[Source: Pininfarina]
Gallery: Pininfarina Sintesi concept

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