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In advance of its public unveiling at the Geneva show in March, and after releasing a teaser photo, Volkswagen's Czech subsidiary Skoda has additional photos and details on its upcoming new flagship.
The aptly-named Superb is based on the Volkswagen Passat platform, though stretched out to offer more space. Its range of features includes direction-changing headlights, a new electronic climate control system, and automatic parking assist. Compared with the model it replaces, the new Superb grows another 35mm longer and 18mm wider, but hunkers down 8mm lower and shrinks in wheelbase by 42mm, actually increasing the overhangs contrary to industry trends.
The Superb also wears its own unique bodywork and badging, but like all top-of-the-line Czech models, the best view is around back where the Skoda features a useful hatchback setup. Motivation comes from a range of six engine options - three gasoline and three diesels - topping out with a 260-hp 3.2-liter V6. A five- or six-speed manual will come standard depending on which engine is chosen, but the Superb will also have an available DSG twin-clutch transmission option.
Although the new Superb doesn't come across as the most exciting thing goin' down in Switzerland this coming March, it appears Skoda put together a surprisingly good package.
[Source: Skoda]
Gallery: 2008 Skoda Superb

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