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I am getting tuned on Tuesday. I have the option of having the tuner use the ATR software or Protune. I didn't realize there was a difference until I asked this question:

"Will I be able to log with the Cobb ATR software with the way you lock your tunes?"

His response:
"I was un aware you were looking for an ATR tune. If you wish to be tuned with ATR, we need your AP serial number ASAP. Otherwise it'll be pro tuned. You will be able to log through the AP either way."

Should I have him Protune or use ATR? Will one produce a better tune than the other?

I was hoping to be able to log via ATR either way because I thought the logs are better. Is that correct?

This shouldn't be a very complicated tune. I'm getting tuned for the following:

Cobb AP
Perrin Catback
Perrin FMIC
Perrin Turbo Inlet
Perrin Drop in Filter
HOA 3-Port

AEM Boost Guage
AEM Wideband


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Both are identical, the only difference is Protune will open any map and can lock maps. The free version of ATR you get only works with your AccessPort. He can leave your map unlocked so you can change / log your tune as you wish.
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