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Golden needs help from someone with 2010 MR and Cobb AP

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I have an issue. I have a customer with a 2010 USDM MR and a Cobb AP. We tried to uninstall / unmarry the AP and I think the rom that is stored in the AP is corrupt. We can't read or write the car once the AP is uninstalled.

You can Import and Export the internal rom from the AP.

I need someone with a 2010 MR to read their Encrypted ROM and email it to me. Then I will import it into this AP and it should uninstall properly.

If nobody can help me, I'll just have to unbrick the ECU tomorrow. I'm just trying to save me some time.

I can make it worth someones effort. :)

My email is golden at

I'd contact Cobb and they'd probably help me out, but I don't have the time to wait until Monday.

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Someone with an SE PM'd me. I'm hoping he can help.

And.. He reminded me that someone with a 2010 SE can help too, beings they come stock with the same rom.

It's not a huge deal, I'll just have to bench the car.

What gets me is that EcuFlash is totally unable to read or write the ECU, but the Cobb AP can install and uninstall without any issues. It has no problems writing the corrupt rom in it's memory. LOL
I got a file from loosenuts.

I loaded it into the AP and will try it later today. If it doesn't work, I'll just bench the ECU.

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