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At 92,000 miles its needing a total rebuild, timing chain rings ,bearing, etc definately has a lot of nice add ons but with that many miles you prob dont have much time before the big letdown and 15,000 dollar rebuild. Speaking from me having to do the total rebuild at 57,000 miles, with just 420 hp and 404 torque, mine the timing chain was about gone and rings tore up and pistons with broken skirts and chunks out of them, i believe from timing chain loosness
I am sorry you had to rebuild your car so soon into its life, but it will not just automatically need a rebuild because of the mileage.

My 130k+ engine has 150+ across the board and passes every leakdown test with zero issues. If you had a 2008-2011.5 evo, there is a good chance the early timing chain caused your engine failure.
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