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Good (reasonable) place to get tires mounted and balanced

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Hey Crew,

First of all I've missed you guys, been hectic on my end and just had to take a break for a bit...

Second, I need to get two sets of tires mounted and balanced (Summer on my new wheels, snow on my stockers after I get one fixed).

Funds are rather tight at the moment, and most of the places I know are very good at what they do but are rather pricey.

Anyone got a place they trust with a decent price anywhere near Howard County?


Tigg.... I mean Mic
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IAG does good work, but is a little pricey if your on a budget. Should be close to you, though. Radial Tire in Silver Spring is much cheaper and they do good work. They're more old school and don't have all the fancy electronic gizmos, but mounting and balancing isn't really a fine art or anything
Yeah I normally go to IAG, but as you said they're a little pricey haha...

And Rogue right now I'm really trying to go bottom dollar without resorting to Walmart...
On that note does anyone have any used tires they want to unload haha...

Two of my stockers are going to have to be replaced and I don't want to get a new set just yet...

Would rather pick up two OEM equivalents that will hold me off till summer....
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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