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Got towed today.

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Right. Word of advice. Make sure your dealer doesn't skimp and gives you atleast two keyless entry devices. ( your factory system can take up to 4 keyless entry devices.

Not like me who only got one keyless entry and 1 spare normal key.

My keyless device stopped working last night, even the emergency key/proceedure didnt work.
So I could disable the aftermarket alarm and other 2 immobolisers
But I couldn't disable the factory immoboliser. First real design flaw Ive seen, UNLESS you have a second keyless entry device.

So I got towed today back to the dealership for them to reprogram the keyless device. Will let you all know if that was a painless process.

So points to note:
- Get 2 keyless devices.
- Always have the disable pins for your aftermarket alarm and immobolisers
- Always have the Factory pin for your factory alarm system - The 4 Digit code you put into your NAV\Stereo system. (Which incidently does not disable your immobilisor if your keyless key isnt working).
- Dont keep your keyless device near your cellphone or other transmitting device. ( I suspect this may have been what happened).

PS: The batteries in both the car and the keyless device was fine. But it seems like the electronic relationship btween the two may be easily stripped.

The good thing out of all of this other than me knowing more about my car, is that I know that my Evo will not be easily stolen unless they turn up with a tow truck. (My GPS\GSM system kept on txting me that someone was trying to break in through all of this :) )
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You should be getting two keyless entry fobs no matter what!!! For any car with keyless entry! Stupid Mitsu dealer!
Yep silly dealer and silly me.
I was convinced the emergency proceedure would work though. (It didnt)
I think part of the problem was they rushed it for me being the first X out and all and perhaps misplaced the 2nd keyless device and ofcourse I was too eager to drive off with it. ;)

Emergency proceedure:
Inside your keyless entry device, there is actually a physical key that you can unclip take out to use to open the doors and attempt to start the car. However the keyless device is still needed to attach to your physical key to get past the factory immoboliser. Problem. If your keyless device is Kaput then youre stuffed.

Will update shortly with what the dealer comes back with.
No not stock Navi. Dealer installed GPS\GSM system for me
Txt Displays:
* Location Address + longitude/lattitude
* Viewable map in your web browser (Great if you have a decent screen on your cell)
* Alarm status
* Alarm mode (You can arm, disable car, and set it in valet mode - cool feature you can set an allowed speed limit so it will let you know if it breaks that limit)
* Battery voltage
* Backup battery voltage
* Speed of car

Brings insurance premiums down big time.
Yep taken on a flat bed. Really no towing points I watched them very closely as tried to work out where to best strap in the car. (It's the only way any 4wd performance car should be towed)

It was all good, they were the same guys that brought the car to the dealership coming off the boat. (They were saying.. "wow we transported one just like this last year.." ..."um dude.. this is the same one"). They actually took a photo of it on the back of their truck when it first came in to use as their company picture.

Yes GPS\GSM is connected up to a prepaid sim card, that I top up every month.. $5NZ/month.
Install was part of a dealer combo for 2K extra ( they threw a couple of bits in for free as they were definitely worth more that 2K)
I got
GPS/GSM tracking
5 Star piggyback alarm system with 2 extra mobilizers
Laser Jammer
Radar Detector (Bel STir)

Retail in $NZ:
GPS/GSM tracking $1000
5 Star piggyback alarm system with 2 extra mobilizers $600
Laser Jammer $1000
Radar Detector (Bel STir) $1200
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Car back yesterday in one peice. They couldn't figure out what was wrong with the keyless card so they gave me a new one and recoded it to the car.

Still a little miffed about it. No real info coming back from the servicing team because I guess it was the first time for them too.

Will update if any other information comes through ( I doubt it), but for now.. make sure you all have 2 keyless devices and keep the spare one somewhere that is safe from electronics\signals.

NOTE my dealer doesn't give out 2 keyless devices by default I have had to order an extra one in.
They were able to start it with my spare key ( which isnt a keyless device).

I had 1 keyless device (This has an emergency key in it)
These two didn't work at all. ( Emergency procedure said that you had to clip in the FOB over the emergency key then the ignition should work.. if the FOB aint working then there no hope which was my situation).

Now I also had a spare [email protected] (Not Keyless device). This key did work when using it without the FOB if I disabled the aftermarket ( it must have a FOB ID embedded in it)

So until my spare keyless device turns up.

I will hide my spare key in the car somewhere. Then if my current FOB stuffs up again will use my emergency key to open up the car to access the hidden spare key.... I guess the only problem for now is.. what if the FOB stuffs up and the car locks the FOB, and the spare key in the car.. DOH... second thoughts.. I'll just give the spare key to the wife to hold on to. :)

Can't wait for the 2nd FOB to turn up so I can avoid all this drama.
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