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Gravel+EVO X= new paint job, Photoshop guys

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Well I hate to say that while driving my new evo home from nevada I got owned by sand put on the highways. The whole car is getting repainted, so I'd like somebody to photoshop a custom paint job on our car. It has to stay red and were picking another color. We were thinking maybe gunmetal or black. If anybody has any good ideas and free time I'd appreciate some input! Thanks.
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Here is my friends ideas. though our car has the aero kit.

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sand fuxxor3d your paint job?

how did that happen?
Do you have pics of the paint?

That's awful to hear.

So far I prefer option #1. I'm definitely a fan of the black roof in general.
Well I dont have pics of the damage, but I'm taking a ton of pics of the car disassembled. They have to replace windshield, headlights, foglights, and intercooler. Well we drove back from reno nev. to wichita kansas. Nev. utah, and wy there roads were covered in this hard gravel. Anyways i'll take plenty of pics when its done.
Unreal!!! Never heard of this kind of thing happening. Would love to see some examples of parts with damage. Your insurance company covering the whole job?
im not quite understanding what happend? some care to explain?
My guess it was that its that special sand...I say special but its just regular old sand...that they put on the road to prevent it from freezing and I am assuming it was really bad and got stuck behind traffic and was in the resulting kick up from the vehicle ahead
My vote is for the second photoshopped image. I like the wheels!

Here in Colorado, they not only drop gravel like crazy, but mag chloride too which eats away at unprotected surfaces on your car.

I had to have the grill and all the emblems replaced on my wife's new MDX last year due to severe discoloration from the mag chloride. :(
im in texas......need i say more?
This sounds very fishy. Sand swirls paint but is easy detailed.
im not really sure but it sounds like someone just WANTS a new paint job to me.:shades:
agreed^^, did you take it drifting through a gravel pit?
Well the stroy is after my fiance got the car home I notice the windshield was cracked. I called insurance to get the windshield fixed. They asked if there was any other damage to the car, I told them that there were lots of chips but that was it. The adjuster told me to claim the whole thing cause I have road hazard coverage. I took it to the body shop and they showed me that there was only one panel, (the trunk) with out a gravel chip. So the insurance company said to go ahead and repaint the whole car. Not to mention replace a buch of parts on the front end. Which weren't really that bad. Thats were the paint job is coming in. As far as the road it was all interstate, mostly I 80, but our friend that followed her in her new mercedes c230 got her windshield broke also. I have a baggy of the gravel that chipped up the car, which looks like sand blasting media. Anyways Ill keep you guys updated.
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pics plz?
wow, I guess that I just couldn't imagine a highway being like that, wouldn't that open up the state to pay for all of the damages?
that is very crazy, advice dont drive in gravel AGAIN.
Well what really made it bad is when 18 wheelers passed her. She said its sounded like being in a hail storm. Though she figured road whise that I80 would be the best roads out of the bunch. I'll see if I can get some pics of the front aero kit it was by far the worse.
Oh something else to think about, you know it had to be bad to pit lexan, They found like 80 chips just on the windshield.
Oh something else that the bodyshop showed me was that the aero kit didn't even match the rest of the car. They were actually different shades of red.
This remind me of my Old GSX Turbo with only 500 mile on. I was in a hail storm in the middle of nowhere.
Every panel on the car had hail damage, With the cost of repair shop hour, and getting the car completely repainted, they just total my car.

Have you consider going with a custom color that is not close to one of the basic EVO ones?
I like the papaya color one, but a bit darker.
pink would be awsome, a pink evo....not a bad idea.
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