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Hi Baka.
Are you ever in this thread?
I've seen that you are on this forum in other threads several times since I started to write to you here.. And that was because I never got any answers on aim that you wanted to use, still on there every night!
Maybe it's cus I'm been trying to do this Etune with you for 10 months now, but it feels like it's two months since I've heard anything from you.
When you says "ill msg you soon" what does that really mean?

Supportpage, aim, email and here has been quite for very long now.
The summer is passing and I got a car that's running on "base" mode, THIS IS NOT FUNNY ANYMORE!!!
If you can't/won't help can you please give my money back so I can try to find someone who might?
Contact him through [email protected]. Posting here won't help you
321 - 327 of 327 Posts