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GrimmSpeed 3 port passive vs active solenoid

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So... I installed my GrimmSpeed 3 port today but I'm having a weird problem. From what I've read, the brown one is the active solenoid and the black one is the passive solenoid. My tuner mentioned the 3 port needs to be hooked up to the active (brown) connector, but the connector on the 3 port will only plug into the black connector unless I modify the plastic.

So... did they switch the colors for active and passive on my car? Or did I get the wrong 3 port sent to me by GrimmSpeed? Has anyone seen this issue before?
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Your 3-port just has the wrong plug on it. I'd just cut that tab off to make it fit in the brown connector, bitching about it under my breath the whole time. ;)
I followed the install directions. My plug fits both black and brown. When it got the Etune, i was only getting WG errors. When my tuner had me verify the connections, they were right per instructions, but the brown plug contains the coarse maps settings, the black contains the fine settings which is why more use that one. Not all adjustments can be made at all throttle positions using coarse. your tuner just needs to know which plug your connected to so they can adjust that specific map area. KNowing what i know now, when i get a retune, i'm going to plug my EBC into the black instead of the brown. can be tuned either way.
I called GrimmSpeed and it turns out they accidentally sent me a 3 port designed for a WRX, but they said I can just trim the plastic tab and it will work fine.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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