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Grinding noise from rear when accelerating (with videos)

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Help!!! I have a 08 evo x with about 40k on the clock and its my daily driver and I drive her with care. Early this week it started making a grinding/donkey moaning noise from the rear (almost like its coming from the diff) and it only happens when accelerating in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and when cornering at speed with a shift of weight.. I took it to the dealer and the tech could get it to doit in normal driving but when put on the lift they couldnt. Now that I have been thinking and doing some research I am thinking its the AYC. i have seen alot of issues with them online including them being burned up and I would like to solve this issue ASAP. I have 2 seperate videos where I have recorded the noise while driving.. Thanks in advance Brandon

video 1

video 2
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It was on the lift at Mitsubishi and I walked under it and saw nothing as well as the tech completely went around the car for like an hour shaking anything and everything to try and replicate the sound as if it was just a rattle... I know it's not, the circumstances under which the noise is heard, to me shows it's mechanical.. I had a tech ride with me and heard the noise but they put it in thr air and could not replicate the sound in the air.. My thinking is that it is the ayc because it had no load on the read dif so therefore it wasnt trying to transfer power around.. I took it to mitsubishi about 3 months ago because i was getting the service the awc light and the ran it and there was a tsb and they reprogramed it...But I recently filled it for the first time with about a quarter or a quart of mitsubishi Fluid... It was cold when I filled it to max and not running because I read that it is the way to do it.. I got frustrated today and with the car off but right after a hour long drive I topped it off to max again with about another quarter quart.. I will check it again tomorrow after my drive to nd from work and I also am getting a oil change tomorrow so I will inspect the drive train again tomorrow while it is in the air...Also I took the car yesterday to Mitsubishi and today I started the car and got a service engine soon light, it could be unrelated just the timing could be fluke but I will have my shop run the code tomorrow for sure
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So after driving to and from work, I checked the ayc fluid level when the car was off and cold and the fluid was below minimum again... Also the noise only happens when there is 3 bars that are displayed in the center of the s awc graphic display..
Nope 100% stock!!! Was waiting till my warranty was up thank god!!
No I haven't, I got the car like 10k miles ago... If the previous owner did can that void the warranty or anything?
No I didn't buy it from them but my 5 year warranty is still good... Had them do some other warranty work before... And I just had my shop run the ecu and it came up with a dtc p1320
Also I checked the entire under carriage and no sticks or debris or anything...also I inspected the rear diff and ayc pump and no signs of leaks
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