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Grinding noise from rear when accelerating (with videos)

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Help!!! I have a 08 evo x with about 40k on the clock and its my daily driver and I drive her with care. Early this week it started making a grinding/donkey moaning noise from the rear (almost like its coming from the diff) and it only happens when accelerating in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and when cornering at speed with a shift of weight.. I took it to the dealer and the tech could get it to doit in normal driving but when put on the lift they couldnt. Now that I have been thinking and doing some research I am thinking its the AYC. i have seen alot of issues with them online including them being burned up and I would like to solve this issue ASAP. I have 2 seperate videos where I have recorded the noise while driving.. Thanks in advance Brandon

video 1

video 2
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i doubt this will find the problem, but did you check under the car to make sure there's no debris stuck stuck around the drive shaft? I got a small stuck up there once that made a similar sound, only at certain speed/rpms. I doubt that's whats going on here, but its an easy check.

how fast are you losing AYC fluid? If you have to top it off more than once per year, then that's your problem. Any signs of leaks underneath?
Looks like you'll need the diff replaced or rebuilt. Is the car modded? If not, make mitsu replace it. If so, talk to IAG.
have you had the rear diff fluids serviced? if so, who serviced it? when? some others had shops totally fuck up their rear diff and AYC when screwing up the fluid flush.
Did you buy it from a Mitsu dealership? Did they include a warranty? If so, then you're good. Otherwise, if the warranty was voided, then you're screwed.
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