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other link...

In the above vidz...look at 02:52 Zonda and GT-R was almost at the same place in the map. Means GT-R can still improve it's time with out the wet spot. Plus if it has same HP it is possible to beat the Zonda.

I looked at other forums like 911 GT2, Zo6, corvette etc... and Zo6 was the worse because they really trash this car as in one guy says... "My ZO6 do not need twin turbo and I got 505hp, hello! GT-R is only 3liter plus and only V6. If Nissan will make a motor with 7liter and a V8 it might have 650hp without a turbo and with turbo @ 800hp plus. Z06 owners was mad because GT-R was not even thinking of Z06 as their rivals as their rivals is 911 turbo and now upgrading their dream to CGT, ZONDA.

In this pictures the Zonda did the same as GT-R the start to finish is not the same. So Nissan is not a cheaters.


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