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fuel pump relay went, put a rod through my block so im starting from scratch this is my part line up.

this line up is incomplete just what i have got already

car will be a weekend warrior we dont really have a track around here so itll rarely see auto x


New OEM Shortblock
New OEM Crank
Manley H Beams
JE 9.0 Pistons
ACL Race Series Main and Rod Bearings
Brian Crower Stage 2 Cams
Brian Crower Valves (stock size)
Brain Crower Springs, and Retainers)

Thinking of going with MAP EF3
Also thinking of getting the map manifold

91 shell as 93 is hard to come by up here and there is NO e85 anywhere near so sadly this will hurt my power outcome
Walbro 255lph
ID1100 injectors

Bolt ons:
Invidia turbo back exhaust
Injen intake
ams front mount intercooler

Using the cobb accessport with gimmspeed 3 port

Comp Clutch stage 3 w/ lightened flywheel (great for DD)

lots of small things im missing but there is still lots im un decided about yet. block should be good to around 600whp and the turbo i want so far is good tell 525whp so im shooting for 450-475whp reliably.

all of your opinions matter im not looking to build something super crazy for the track i just need to do a rebuild so i mid as well upgrade at the same time.

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why do you need a new oem crank? if the rod went through the block shouldnt the crank still be good...?
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