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HAAAALPPPPP! Switching out springs.

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Okay guys so I got the strut out and put the spring compressors on but I cannot get the top bolt holding everything together off. It's the single nut holding the top of the strut together.

It's the last piece standing between me and being done with this strut. But I can't get the bitch off. Tried it with a breaker bar and everything. Any suggestions? As always any help is appreciated.

Thanks guys.
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The actual rod behind the dust cover can spin when your trying to loosen the top nut. I had to use a wrench to hold the biatch steady while I broke the nut loose. Just make sure you use something soft between the wrench and the dust cover or else you risk tearing it.
based on your avatar...i would say you are not using enough elbow grease.
It's the front strut. I got it off finally. Had to put it back in the car, loosen the middle nut while it was anchored down until it was all he way at the edge, then take it out and remove.

Anybody know if it matters which way the springs go on? Like which sides top which is bottom?
^ Uhm, if they have a logo or sticker on them - which most of them do - then make sure that's upright
No logo or sticker on these.
Compare them to your old springs and mount accordingly.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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