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If there is anything worse than someone doing tortoise-like speed in the left lane, it's someone doing tortoise-like speed in the left lane and driving next to someone doing tortoise-like speed in the right lane. Oklahoma State Troopers aren't having any more of it and have begun enforcing the state's left lane law.

Section 41-11-301 dictates that "Upon all roadways any vehicle proceeding at less than the normal speed of traffic at the time and place under the conditions then existing shall be driven in the right-hand lane when available for traffic..." What this means is that unless you're doing at least the speed limit or are about to make a left turn, you need to stay out of the left passing lane or risk being pulled over by the guys with the flashing rooftop lights.

The OK troopers say this is about getting out of the way for police and emergency service vehicles who shouldn't have to wait for slower drivers to exit the left lane. But seeing that any rushing authority is usually going well over 65 MPH, and folks in the news video were being pulled over for doing 62, we don't see how 3 MPH would really make that difference. Not that we're complaining, because it takes all of our green tea and feng shui to stay calm when we rock up behind slowpokes in the left passing lane. For now, however, folks in OK getting pulled over receive nothing more than a warning. Soon, however, Oklahoma troopers will start handing out $206 tickets. If you want to know how your state feels about the matter, check out the list of "keep right" laws.

[Source: CNN]
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