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Hands Free Module Dont Fuction Lancer DE 2008

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Good friends, I have the following problem, I bought the module and the microphone to enable the hands-free system, I found the plug of the module and the microphone connected them while the battery was disconnected, I saw that in the installation process in one of your posts but it doesn't work and The module only heats up, I don't know if a line on the spike is wrong or because of the part number of the module, which should not happen since it is the same spike, I would appreciate if someone would give me help or the diagrams of how that connection is going from the radio to check them, since the unlocking from the radio does not work either where the buttons are used with the combination
CH1 + Backward + Forward + CH4

I would appreciate someone give me some solution or way to shave the module if that were the case.

Thank you.

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Have you activated the HFM function on the ECU ?
Plus, there are several forums describing problems with electric parasite drain caused by that module.
I will PM you where you can find schematics, BUT a serious warning, you cannot rely on those schematics since there may some differences with what comes out of the factory.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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