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Hardwire Radar Detector to Dome Light?

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About to install my Passport using a a blend mount and wiring kit. Instead of wiring it around the headliner, down the A-pillar, through the dash, and into the fuse box, I thought I'd take off the dome light and see if there is any suitable spot up there to tap into power. Has anyone here done this before? I've seen plenty of pictures of hardwire setups for Passports and V1s, but none from a blend mount to the dome light in an Evo X.
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Tried this...

Yo ZeroCooll, I know this post was forever ago. I just tried this with the Bussman from my Si on my Evo and it was a no go. I know these are newb questions, but does it matter which one of the slots you put the fuse in on the tapper and what direction you plug either the fuse in or the tapper in? I used the screw holding the fuse box in place for my ground. FYI, I have the Passport 8500 with the Escort hardwire kit. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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