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Hardwired Walbro 450 not priming

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Hoping to get some advice as I've exhausted where to look. I have a hardwired Walbro 450 using the DW kit that started up and ran for 3 seconds and died on me yesterday, and now won't start. Maybe the pump is blown, but it is only a couple months old and I don't drive it often. Odd thing is, I used to see 12v on the multimeter through the power wire with just key on, but now it readys very low (0.02V) and only sees mid 10 volt when cranking (battery is reading 12V). The 40amp relay after the fuse from the battery is working and clicking on, but will not transfer power from the hot wire from the battery to the yellow wire that ties into the OEM fuel pump harness. Fuse after the battery is also good. Could it be the signal wire? Or possibly a faulty ground somewhere? The ground for the hardwire relay is good. I saw a different post where someone found a faulty ground on the fuel temp sensore, but I'm not sure where that is? Going to keep probing gounds to see if I can find it before I pull the basket, but just wanted to get some other ideas. Any advice much appreciated!
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sounds like a bad ground. Did the fuel pump noises when it did run for the first time? Where's the ground on the relay connected to?
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