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Has anybody ever seen this lip?

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I'm considering it. I love the jdp lip, but it seems like that's the only lip I ever see on our cars so I'd like to try something different.

Any idea if he's had any fitment issues with it? Probably more close ups on instagram I'd imagine. But I also wonder if it would look odd having that and not having any other aero styling on the car...where jdp lip is a nice subtle touch that doesn't require anything else to make it look good.
Any thoughts anybody?? I'm really tempted to go for it, something different than what I'm used to seeing...though I've heard horror stories about fitment on parts sold through ebay.
Nobody usually gets it because shipping is as much as the lip itself.
Daaaamn, you're right...$225 for shipping!! Not sure if I'm willing to pay $467 just for a front lip. What a kick in the nuts. Maybe I'll be lucky and my gf will split the price with me for christmas. If so, I think I'll get it. Throw something different out there!
I'll probably order one in the next two weeks or so. idea! hahaha. If you do, let me know how long it takes to ship. Waiting for the gf to ask the "what do you want for christmas" question. Then I think I'm going to do it as well.
If ANY of you get this lip, post a pic on here asap! I was trying to have my RA buddy look at this but he turned away due to the shipping cost as well. This lip looks so amazing in the pic on that RA!
It really does look pretty awesome and different. Like I said before though, I wonder if it will look out of place with no other aero or side skirts or anything. I googled a few other images of it installed on cars. It doesn't look like it makes it THAT much lower to the ground, so hopefully it wouldn't look tacky or out of place without an entire kit installed.
Wouldn't hurt to try. I can email him and see what he says.
1 - 7 of 17 Posts
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