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Help 2nd gear pull lots of knocks

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Like the title says. I did 2nd gear pull and notice alot of knocks. I did not floor it.


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@ Low rpm?
The attachment is the last datalog I did.
Damm you spiked to over 30psi @4437 rpm.. Thats seems way high.. I remeber when I had my cobb ap. I would see spikes of 26 psi.. I'm sure someone else will chime in with some useful info.. What fuel and map are you on.. Have you tried the LWG maps?
Stage 2 aem. running on 93 octane
Yea this is a first. I mean When I installed the UICP the other week at I hit 28 psi. Stock pipe highest was like 24 psi.
Put on the LWG Map and do some more logs. That log is quite bad, so you definitely need to do something about the tune.
Whats the reason to run lwg?
What causes a boost spike? Is there anything to prevent the "knock" or over boosting. A 3 port boost controller?

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^bump? :)

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