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HELP!! CAR runs lean then just shuts down.

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I have been running e85 for the past few months. I just bought the car 4 months ago and now the car is stuck. It is my daily driver and I am in really desperate need of help. Have kids and a full busy schedule. Never been down this bad before.with a random mechanical issue.

Attached log from EvoScan.

I am leaning to front o2 sensor, wideband needs to be replaced? and the other numerous issues it can be.

Mod list:

ETS 3" intercooler
ETS 3.5" Intake and MAF sensor
ETS Charge Pipes
ETS Open Dump Tube
ETS Test Pipe
MAP Exhaust Manifold
Tial QR diverter valve
Invidia Catback
1300cc injectors
535 Walbro fuel pump
Flex fuel with gauge
AEM afr gauge
AEM Boost gauge - vac at 18
ACT Clutch and flywheel
Upgraded CMC
TPC GT spec Turbo

Raif was the tuner

Car has been running on e85 the past few months and it's been cold so I've been chucking it to e85 woes on bad start ups.

I can't move the car more than 2 houses down before I got stuck and even sitting on my driveway it shuts off. I don't want to go any further than needed and end up needing a tow, pushing the car etc. I live in NJ crowded area so constant traffic and that would be a nightmare to deal with. I think you can see where it shut off where the log shows 0 AFR.

I am waiting on the relay kit from MAPerformance but I bought a good used one to just test and tried the other horn and high beam relays and it got even worse.

I have had boost leaks before and atleast I could drive and just no boost. I'll check for leaks but I don't have a boost leak tester handy.

I am down to bad front o2 sensor, wideband sensor needs to be replaced, check fuel filter (new 535 walbro was installed less than 5k miles ago in September per the old owner), crack in manifold? o2 housing? downpipe, etc? Is there an easy way to tell? From the top I don't see anything that pops out at me.

Freaking raining all day today and expected to snow tomorrow so troubleshooting this thing is an even bigger pain in the ass right now!

Thank you all in advanced!!!


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I may have messed up on selecting ECU part and not a good log. I chose RAX based on DNs youtube video. First time I used evoscan and first log.

I'll have to retry tomorrow morning to see if I can show the rest of the expected information.
Updated log from today.

Not 100% sure which options to select and needed. There is no 2015 option under select ECU.

1 thing I did notice was the Rear o2 sensor showed no voltage?


Could be a lot of things but it sounds like you're losing fuel pressure. Could be a defective pump or pump install issue (pickup, fuel feed hose failure, etc). Do you have a pressure gauge you can watch/log?
I dont but that is something it looks like will be needed in the immediate future.
I figured that after I said it. Does the log show like the front O2 is working since voltage is moving.
Ended up bringing it to a master tech at a mitsu dealer. Seemed like a knowledgeable guy. He is diagnosing and running through it now.

He suspects a possible bad/clogged injectors.

If that ends up being the case, I didnt see an inline filter on the gas line near the CMC to the right side of the motor under UICP. Along with the recommended fuel pressure gauge.
So additional things to note for someone who may end up in the same predictament.

1. Check for any leaks
2. Check fuel pump/fuel pump filter
3. Check fuel pressure
4. Check for any codes and check logs
Mine did not have a check engine light.
5. here is where I am...Sent out injectors out to be serviced, checked for flow and cleaned.
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Where are we with it? The following:

New fuel pump filter
Flow tested and serviced injectors
New fuel pressure regulator
and.....still having the same issues.

So next step is new fuel pump.

If that doesn't work, likely off to someone like eSpec.
One day after bringing it to RRT, diagnosed and fixed, bad MAP sensor.
So 1 thing that should be added to stickies with this car is bad MAP sensors. Consistent bad experiences with the OMNIPower MAP sensor and to always have backups.
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