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Help me decide... To keep or sell My Advan Rs's

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ok guys and gals, Im undecided on what I wanna do w/ my Advan RS's in SBC... So I thought I'd turn to my "Evo Fam." for some opinions...
Rims are in GREAT condition w/ centercaps, NO curb rash, and brand new RS3's.
Had em on my 9, loved them! Just not sure how I feel about them on the X (WW)...
Im considering some CCW's polished, in 18x10. I need to sell the advans if Im gonna consider getting anything else. I dont wanna strap them on until I decide Im gonna run them, due to having new tires...
Heres some old shots w/ the falkens...

Note: theres some1 local selling the exact rims I want, just doesnt wanna trade...

whatcha think KEEP or SELL???
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What size and offset are they? They sure are purdy.
You might be able to find some other CT9A owners interested on EvoM, or sell them to somebody and advise spacers. I think they look nice, but on an X they'll be kind of small.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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