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I never used rax3 patch or any other so if you can help me set up the whole thing from the beginning, I will point out everything I have done so far if you can just pinpoint if I'm missing something that will be awesome
1 installed ecuflash and evoscan
2 copied rax files to the ecuflash folder
3 set evoscan to obd 2.0 2006 can and selected rax fast logging
4 from the tephrax3mod files ran the registry
5 copied the tephramod-53040310.xml file to ecuflash Evo directory
6 left the bin file to the desktop for later
7 from these 3 files
53040010 2008 EDM lancer evolution x 5mt.xml
53040010 rax3 patch.xml
which file am i supposed to edit and add the line "<include>RAX53040010</include>
and if it is in "53040010 2008 edm lancer evolution x 5mt.xml" file should I keep the code"<include>evo10base</include> and the new line under it or do I overwrite it?

8 after that I'm supposed to download my base map and save it then upload the bin file from tephra to my car correct?

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