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HELP! Sparco Seat Install

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Just bought sparco fighters with sliders and mounts. What's the right way to get rid of fault codes for air bag and to properly set up seats for airbags still? Thanks
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Because rice car.
You want to clear the light on your dash board right? Not reinstall the airbags. Aftermarket seats dont come with airbags.
I have yet to install aftermarket seats but someone mentioned a while back that this is the right resistor to keep the light from coming on.

I kept seeing different things about 2 ohm resisters from RadioShack but then I see other posts counter acting on suggestions. Def not trying to put airbags in my sparcos lolBjust want to get rid of lights and figure out the deal with sensor weights in Botha seats etc.
Once the light comes on, you will need to visit the dealership to get rid of it. It will not go away even if you put in the right resistor. The trick is to disconnect battery, put everything back together, and then plug the battery back in.

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I had the battery unplugged when I disconnected seat so from what I read I should be alright
I need to find a picture of how to put these resisters in
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