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Awesome :godance:

I just got it yesterday and installed it yesterday. It took about 30 minutes to install it, the hardest part was getting the rubber things holding the stock exhaust out.

If you're looking for weight savings, this is not the right exhaust for you. It's heavy! I would say it's as heavy as the stock exhaust.

If you're looking for sound, quite, and looks this is the exhaust for you.

Sound 10/10.

You can't even tell the difference from stock, when it comes to how loud it is. You can, however, hear the difference. It has a very nice deeeep sound. Driving you can’t even tell you have an aftermarket exhaust. This is not your Coffee-can loud Civic exhaust! That’s not to say that it doesn’t sound nice, it sounds very nice and classy.

Performance 9/10.

Before the exhaust I noticed the car didn’t like it too much when I took it over 5K RPMs, now it loves it! You can definitely feel the difference. The RPMs go up really fast when you step on it now, I got it to redline by accident due to how fast the RPMs go up now. The only think that could improve is the size of the pipe. It’s only 2 1/5” but I’m sure HKS knows what they’re doing since they have a great reputation as a JDM company.

Installation 10/10.

The only problem I had was with the Rubber holders from the stock exhaust. They are a bitch to get off! I found out that sticking a screw driver and pulling did the trick. Overall is extremely easy. I did it myself with no instructions. It does come with instructions, but they’re in Japanese. The only advise I have is be careful with the stock heat shield. It’s sharp and I cut myself trying to remove the stock muffler.

Looks 10/10:

The tips are awesome! They have that burnt tip and the tips are huge in diameter. Besides, you don’t see the burn crap under the exhaust like you normally would with the stock exhaust.

Price 5/10:

This thing is expensive for being an Axle-Back exhaust. $800 for a muffler reminds me that I’m a little obsessive. I will, however, buy the mid-pipe as soon as it becomes available to complete the system, only the best for my car :hump:

Fitment 10/10:

The fitment reminds me why HKS products are not cheap. It fits like a glove, you can’t mess it up. It almost aligns itself. You will not have any crocked pipes with this exhaust.

All-in-all this is the exhaust for you if price is not a constrain and you want a deep close-to-stock sounding exhaust that still delivers performance is easy to install and looks amazing! :thumbup:


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purty. Your right about HKS and fitment. Too bad you don't get the whole cat back for 800 bones..damn that's one expensive muff'. I'd love to have it.
I put this in the category of super bling along with the carbon fibre intake posted some time back. Super bling as in show car
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